Settling into a routine

Here we are halfway through January, and after the general who-knows-what-day-it-is-or-what’s-going-on-and-also-I’m-sick-and-it’s-cake-for-breakfast that is the holidays, I’m starting to settle into a routine. The only race I’m specifically training for this year is the San Francisco Marathon at the end of July, so I’ll start training at the end of March. I have a few other races on the calendar this winter and spring, but nothing I’m doing any particular training for. So what should I do for the next few months? To answer that, it was helpful to think about what I wanted out of a running routine: To meet … Continue reading Settling into a routine

Real worries I’ve had before joining a new group run

The group will take off at a 7:00 pace and I’ll be left in the dust. — There will be a big group of people and they will all have known each other for 10+ years and they will be looking forward to having a Big Chill-esque super comfortable fun bonding run but then there will be one stranger there (me) so they will all have to make strained polite conversation instead of relaxing. — There will only be two other people there, and they will want to run at a 6:30 pace, but it will be apparent from my … Continue reading Real worries I’ve had before joining a new group run

2019 Running Goals

I really love working toward a concrete goal. As I wrote on Monday, the quantifiable goals I set last year were the most successful, while the vague goals (“do more X”, “get better at Y”) just withered. So this year, everything gets a number. Here’s my 1,000-100-50-25-1 plan for a successful 2019 on the run: Run 1,000 miles — This was the goal that kept me going last year, so I’m putting it on repeat. I have a stretch goal of running 100 miles every month (1,200 total), but I don’t want to feel pressured to hold myself to that … Continue reading 2019 Running Goals

2018: What worked and what didn’t

I am a constant nervous analyzer, so I definitely don’t need New Year’s Eve to prompt me to reflect on things. But I still love it, because this is the day that over-analyzers like me get to come out into the light and fly our freak flags of reflection with pride. You’reĀ supposed to think deeply about the year that’s just passed on New Year’s Eve—I just happen to do it every other day of the year, too. So here’s what I’ve been stewing on for the last 12 months, broken down by what worked and what didn’t. I’m hoping to … Continue reading 2018: What worked and what didn’t

The best books I read in 2018

I didn’t do a great job of tracking my reading this year, but I know thanks to my library history that I read 30 library books and probably a handful more that I already owned or borrowed from friends or family. (I bought one book that I can remember, and I didn’t read it.) I read a lot of schlock this year and was especially disappointed with the new-release fiction—even some of my favorite authors churned out some nonsense in 2017-18. But I counted at least 11 books on my list that I thought were fantastic, and I whittled it … Continue reading The best books I read in 2018

Jo runs 1,000 miles!

I did it! On Saturday morning, I woke up early, laced up my running shoes for the 196th time this year, and ran up to the top of Acalanes Ridge. On my way back home, I ran my 1,000th mile in 2018. I couldn’t have asked for a better run to end it on. It had all my favorite things: A mix of road and trail, a big climb, a cruisy descent, a clear sunrise, and the world’s best mutt. It also had texting-while-running, a marauding pack of Corgis, sore ankles, and leash aggression. If there’s anything these 1,000 miles … Continue reading Jo runs 1,000 miles!

Jo runs Bentonville

Bentonville…Arkansas? Yes. Ok, this was admittedly a random running weekend. Morgan had a work meeting in Tulsa, OK scheduled for Monday, and a mere two hours from Tulsa is little Bentonville, AR, the world headquarters of Walmart. Walmart unequivocally sucks, but Tom and Steuart Walton, heirs to the Walmart throne, suck less in that they are super into mountain biking. And this weekend, we discovered that when you combine staggering wealth, a passion for bikes, and the rolling hills of rural northwest Arkansas, some pretty good things can result. Specifically, some of the coolest urban-meets-rural singletrack I’ve ever seen. Miles … Continue reading Jo runs Bentonville