Carson Pass to Donner Pass along the PCT

Last week, we packed our bags and took seven days to hike from Carson Pass to Donner Pass along the PCT. Here’s the trip in photos and captions. Day 1: Carson Pass to Bryan Meadow Day 2: Bryan Meadow to Tamarack Lake Day 3: Tamarack Lake to Dick’s Lake Day 4: Dick’s Lake to Richardson Lake Day 5: Richardson Lake to Bear Pen Creek Day 6: Bear Pen Creek to Mountain Meadow Lake Creek Day 7: Mountain Meadow Lake Creek to Donner Pass   Continue reading Carson Pass to Donner Pass along the PCT

A scramble up Alpine Walk Peak

I’m a pretty inside-the-box thinker. Once I find something I like or get used to something, it’s easy for me to see that thing as fixed—this is the time we get up, these are the 10 things we cook for dinner, this is the day I talk to my parents, this is the loop we hike. As a result, I’ve hiked and run the same loop in Galena probably 50 times at this point. Sometimes I run it backward! But always the same loop, because…well, that’s the loop. But if my inside-the-box thinking is a negative, a corresponding positive is … Continue reading A scramble up Alpine Walk Peak

Writing, reading, stressing, bingoing

I’ve been reading Lisa Watts’s blog, Minding the Miles, recently, and I realized it’s exactly the kind of thing I want to read and write. I don’t want to read things that have been SEO’d to hell or that contain affiliate links or are trying to fit into a preconceived arc. I want to read about what other people are experiencing, how they’re thinking about the ups and downs of life, and how their thoughts are changing as their circumstances do. I want to read thoughtful writing that’s just there to be shared. And that’s what I want to write. … Continue reading Writing, reading, stressing, bingoing

Running lately

I didn’t have any firm plans for how to structure my running after the L.A. Marathon on March 8, and the total wackiness of these coronavirus times made my running plans even more murky. When races will be back on the calendar is anyone’s guess, and the weekly track workouts and occasional social runs that used to anchor my schedule are also off the table. So I was super grateful when one of my track friends put together a bingo board for members of our running group.* When we blasted through the first board, another group member cooked up board … Continue reading Running lately

L.A. Marathon training: Week 3 recap

What happened to the Week 2 recap?? I didn’t write it. Week 2 was fine. Now on to Week 3. Sunday: Cross-training by way of massive hike. This was supposed to be a 3-mile easy run, but I modified it slightly into a 10-mile, 3,286-ft. scramble up and down Mt. Tallac. This is an absolutely bananas hike—I’d say it’s totally worth doing once for the views, but it won’t be going in my regular rotation. I am proud to say that after this hike, I talked myself out of also going on my scheduled 3-mile run. It is really uncomfortable … Continue reading L.A. Marathon training: Week 3 recap

L.A. Marathon training: Week 1 recap

And just like that, I am marathon training. There’s a feeling I have when I start projects, mostly around knitting, writing, and running. I’ll be ruminating about something—a knitting project, something I want to write about, a running goal—for a long time, thinking through logistics, playing with ideas, just stewing. During this period, starting¬†seems so daunting. As if, for a big project, the start is obviously going to be a big hurdle—I’ll have to block out a huge chunk of time to find yarn, look up techniques, and perfectly cast on a knitting project; I’ll have to make an outline … Continue reading L.A. Marathon training: Week 1 recap

Real thoughts during an 8x400m workout

Interval 1: 7:02 pace Alright, legs feeling good, let’s go! Whoa, actually, that feels kind of hard. Should these really be at mile pace? I’m not even close to mile pace. Interval 2: 7:44 pace My legs are lead today. Six more of these?? Forget it.¬†Maybe I can do four, total. If I can do four I’ll be happy. Interval 3: 7:28 pace What is the fucking point. Of this, of anything. We are literally running in circles for no reason. We are clumps of carbon and electricity glued by gravity to a dying rock orbiting a dying sun. There … Continue reading Real thoughts during an 8x400m workout

Shuffling toward marathon #2

Well, there I was, writing about running pretty consistently for over a year, and then I stopped for 10 months. I didn’t stop running, just stopped writing about it. They weren’t my best 10 months, and I’m happy to just let them lie, for now. I will write about them some other time, or in pieces. Now, onward. I am sick. It’s been a while since I’ve been properly sick, like phlegm coming up from the depths of your soul, whole body tingling, knives in your throat kind of sick. I’m on my fourth consecutive day off work, which is … Continue reading Shuffling toward marathon #2

Settling into a routine

Here we are halfway through January, and after the general who-knows-what-day-it-is-or-what’s-going-on-and-also-I’m-sick-and-it’s-cake-for-breakfast that is the holidays, I’m starting to settle into a routine. The only race I’m specifically training for this year is the San Francisco Marathon at the end of July, so I’ll start training at the end of March. I have a few other races on the calendar this winter and spring, but nothing I’m doing any particular training for. So what should I do for the next few months? To answer that, it was helpful to think about what I wanted out of a running routine: To meet … Continue reading Settling into a routine

Real worries I’ve had before joining a new group run

The group will take off at a 7:00 pace and I’ll be left in the dust. — There will be a big group of people and they will all have known each other for 10+ years and they will be looking forward to having a Big Chill-esque super comfortable fun bonding run but then there will be one stranger there (me) so they will all have to make strained polite conversation instead of relaxing. — There will only be two other people there, and they will want to run at a 6:30 pace, but it will be apparent from my … Continue reading Real worries I’ve had before joining a new group run